HackaTRON S6 - $5,000 Community Contributor Prize

Some sweeping ongoing :fire::fire::fire:


Yes. Many real human beings have been forcedly removed from the forum and with them the votes. Not even giving them the possibility to say anything, since they don’t exist anymore on the forum and cannot post.
This thing is destroying the credibility of the hackathon.

I just found out that one of my team members is fake, as judged by the admins. It’s quite strange because I know him since 2nd grade. But I’m sure it’s his fault, probably he did not vote for the right project.

@TronLive this is now ridiculous!

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oh sorry, reach out the admins. This is why I encourage the community to stay active at least during the season. Someone like me even if you try to delete, there will be a pop up saying “You are deleting a whole mood” :joy::joy::joy:

Jokes aside, they can make errors they are human so kindly contact them

You don’t get it. They did not remove a single account, they removed tens of accounts belonging to real persons. The deleted users cannot contact anyone, since they are out of the forum and cannot post. They cannot “reach the admins”. This makes it twice as bad.

All this without any explanation, as usual.

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sorry to hear that
they will check

In my opinion, any user that was deleted from the forum is responsible for the fate they suffered. This arguments has been going on for weeks and they couldn’t contribute to it but are quick to cast votes. I think the Admins are doing the right thing.

Again @TronLive when are we going to know what the Admins decide from our contributions here. There is a lot of good suggestions from the community and it will be great to see the Admins adopting it to make the hackathon more satisfying and serving to the purpose it is created for

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Inputs from the community have been listened and often implemented from season 1 :ok_hand:


Changing rules after the game has been played is not a good practice.
You want only active users to be able to vote, fine, change the rule, write it down and we’re good to go for S7. But deleting accounts (not votes) because some users just show up for the vote is an act of force against any rule being published BEFORE the event.
Team members have been removed and considered bots, not only on our team. That is not a good practice.

I don’t see it, but if you say it’s ongoing then I believe it.

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The purgatory has really begun and it’s starting to feel like an apocalypse, so I totally get it.


@TronLive thanks for creating this post. I have seen what we discussed here have been looked at and listen to the community. More blessings keep it up

That is good to know. No wonder the community got so involved and made these wonderful suggestions

Hi all,

Just letting you know that we are here watching from the sidelines and appreciate the discussion going on so far. We have noted down popular suggestions and will be reviewing them with the team. Remember, we are all here because we truly care about TRON and want to make everything better.

To emphasize again, we are not in charge of sanitizing the votes. According to the forensic team, due diligence is performed before removing accounts. Accounts removed are not just bots; they have violated some rules. Explanations have been given to the team, and everything has been resolved in a peaceful manner.

Our tip is that it’s quite obvious from the frontend which accounts are genuine and which are not, and it is even more obvious from the backend with more data. If a genuine community user doesn’t engage in actual discussion and only shows up to spam in order to bypass the vote, most people would be unhappy about it. Only the team that benefits from it will be happy.

Let’s keep our community and forum organized since we are all here for the long haul. We will also be sending DMs to 10 community contributors to claim their prizes.

Thanks for your contributions, and thank you to everyone else for participating actively!