Pokemon inspired P2E metaverse | ToyoWorld has arrived

Project Name: ToyoWorld

Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: TeamToyo

Team Member(s): 2, ToyoDev

Project Goal: We’re creating a social pet battle style metaverse on the blockchain!

Project Info: Toyoworld Intro - YouTube

Project Repo: GitHub - MoAzza98/ToyoWorld

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Inspired by the likes of Axie Infinity and Pokemon, ToyoWorld aims to bring the two together, to create a unique yet nostalgic experience within the Web3 gaming space. A play-to-earn metaverse where players can earn tokens, raise pets, battle and socialize. All in the browser.

What it does


ToyoWorld is a space where players can breed, race and battle their digital pets, named Toyos! Toyos come in all shapes, sizes, rarities as well as breeds!

In ToyoWorld, there will also be mythical rare Toyos, which hold tremendous power! These Toyos will be very rare, and can have a chance of appearing within a special Mythical egg! Players will be able to obtain Toyo eggs through minting a ToyoWorld NFT, and will have the option to hatch their egg at a later date!

A small number of these eggs will be Mythical eggs, containing Toyos that hold legendary power!

Once you’ve assembled your team of Toyos, you’ll be able to battle other ToyoTrainers to earn & bet ToyoTokens on the outcome of the battle!


We’ll be dropping an NFT collection where players can purchase an egg which will hatch your very own Toyo of a random breed! Each Toyo egg will contain a special Toyo of a certain type, such as Fire, Beast, Water, Thunder or many others! Every Toyo will have a unique appearance and type combination!

Social & Rewards

You’ll also be able to trade your Toyos or the materials they generate on the player market, where players will be able to purchase and sell rare Toyos for ToyoTokens.

Tournament Mode

There’s also tournament mode! Where players can purchase a golden ticket using $TOYO to enter the event! The champion wins exclusive prizes as well as all the $TOYO used by contestants to enter the event!

Battle your way to the very top and earn glory!

In addition, our ToyoGift system rewards gamers who love to collect NFTs! Ourside of the rewards you’ll get for minting a Toyo egg, players all also receive mini gifts for every single tron nft they own, whether from us or not. Pretty neat, right?

How we built it

We took a lot of time and care while building ToyoWorld to ensure that we could put out the best possible game. To do that, we used Unity for creating the base game. For the frontend we used React and some JS libraries. It’s as simple as clicking connect wallet and getting started.

Challenges we ran into

In the pursuit of creating a game with both stunning and charming visuals, we had some issues with performance. We wanted the game to run as smoothly as possible while also maintaining the charm we’ve carefully crafted within ToyoWorld. Thankfully we’ve employed some neat tricks and optimizations to make sure the game runs as smoothly as possible without losing any of its visual flair.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We’re proud of the world we’ve managed to create despite the limitations presented when creating a game that runs within the web. We’ve made a world that can run smoothly, with charming and fun characters to immerse players within the world. It took a lot of hard work and effort, but we’re looking to build a strong community and we feel like ToyoWorld is a place where people will love spending time as much as we’ve loved building it.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the challenges of level design and optimmization, we’ve become better developers throughout this jourmey, and we’ll continue to improve as we work more and more on ToyoWorld.

What’s next for ToyoWorld

Well, we’ve got quite a lot planned! To begin,


  • We’ll be building a community on Discord and our online plaltforms

  • Building system

  • Multiplayer development

  • Toyo development

  • Closed demo


  • NFT release

  • Demo release

  • Character customization

  • Toyo activity development


  • Initial release

  • Blacksmith crafting

  • Island resource generation

  • Tokenomics research and announcement


  • P2E integration

  • Ingame player market system

  • Loyalty rewards for early players

  • Additional feature development

If you’re excited for this, let us know below! We know we are! Thank you for reading.

Make sure to follow our twitter for updates and join our discord!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToyoWorldGame

Discord: ToyoWorld


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I like the art! Good luck


I like the art. All the very best👍


I have played a game like this named “Genshin Impact” your gameplay looks like that game. BTW Good luck bro


Genshin impact was a big inspiration for us, and thanks, we’ll do our best!

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Thanks! We’re glad you like it!


Hey there, thanks! Glad you enjoy it!


We just dropped a new teaser :sunglasses:

check it out: https://twitter.com/ToyoWorldGame/status/1551839786503049217


Is this mobile or PC release?

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PC release! It’ll be playable in the browser

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Join our discord for updates! ToyoWorld

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Hello! Beautiful graphics!!


Any intentions of cooperating with anime studios?


Thank you, we’re glad you like them!

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We’d love to if the chance happened!

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We’ve updated the description with a special demo teaser, let us know what you think!


Como me gusta pokemon! Por favor que salga ya el juegoo


Thank you! Join the discord if you want to try the demo soon!

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Remembers me of “Genshin Impact” with the graphics style. I really enjoy the anime style in games, great choice :heart_eyes: