Recommend a project!

My #1 favourite is Deba’s Wulf Pack, with the e-book & AFS because their team is very active and constantly bringing new development. I also like TuruGlobal and LionX MusicDao as they are also very active on Tron.

I suggest T-boost by USTX. Great project for Tron network.

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checkout ShuoCIAL - A Social NFT Dapp with Gamification - 1st PHASE
it’s game breaking NFT usecase.

It’s Social NFT with a lot of gamification in the future.
Currently on phase-1 you can get profit by inviting person and making network.

We need more freedom of speech while twitter is way too over-centralised, just look how elon decide everything.

A web3 social media with DAO governance in the future when no one can take down is the future, moreover there will be innovative feature to make it more awesome.

you can see full graph of whole network
comment there and register to fill the spot for future whitelist.

with feature of follow and org DAOs coming soon, whole network will be fetchable


Hey! Check out NFT greetings

Approx 2 million people everyday search for greetings, e-cards, etc. Cruzo has plans to catch their attention by providing them with new hype format NFT greetings, instead of usual e-cards. In terms of Web2 user’s adoption, NFT greetings is a very simple product.

Cruzo is moving the billion-dollar market to Blockchain

More detailed information on Thron Hackathon Application


Still hard to say but for me i mean for a animal lover Nature Fore Told is good

T-boost is a nice project in support of the Tron network. Get information.


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This is not a project? Stop with the bot comments.

Sorry I’m not a bot. I forgot to tag @Fanciu. I was referring to t boost

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TWJ Retro Games check it out

Cukies World, representa un avance en el mundo de los juegos en cripto, donde podrás disfrutar jugando mientras generas ingresos

T-boost by ustx, seriously and professionally team

I read many articles about T-BOOST. I think that this is a good idea for season 3

This Project Allow the user to stake some amount of tokens in a pool and gain not just interest for the staked tokens but a subscription of their choice too.

Once the user chooses the subscription plan of choice, they need to stake a certain amount of tokens. The staked tokens are shifted to the pool immediately.

there are many amazing ideas here!

Great projects for grat season!