Strongcoin - Be strong! Tap and earn

exactly that’s what I see in those you are taking inspiration from. You do everything from the coins you gather through tapping. Currently using Tapswap

One more point. I believe you have seen the trend of NOTCOIN. Being on binance launchpad, big exchanges announcing their listing and others. What plans do you have for Strongcoin too? All is about marketing and it involves money. Do you have the required resources to take this to at least 30% of where NOTcoin is getting to?


I already followed the steps yet couldn’t connect to my wallet


After clicking to connect my wallet, there is nothing like the 1st interface that appeared for you. The game will just crash and take me back to my telegram dashboard


I am on bronze league sir. Still tapping hard to get more coins


Yes, same experience, it will start from afresh menu to start


Can you explain your approach to attracting partners to place adverts on your platform and what type of project are you more interested in partnering with?


We are currently experiencing issues with connecting the wallet on Android. We are actively working to resolve the problem. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. We will keep you updated.


Glad to hear, thank you!

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Could you please explain how the minting of your future token will be carried out?

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Hello, thanks for your reply.
It’s worthy to note that the timeframe with which it took for you to reply is testament of how you prioritize community and/or feedback.
From your reply, it’s quite commendable your effort to ensure the integrity of the platform and maintain a fair environment for all users.

Transparency about the anti-cheat measures and their enforcement is essential for building trust with the user community cause in most cases defaulters may build a strong case around being inappropriately flagged and that may be a problem to the community in general, how does StrongCoin plan to communicate its anti-cheat policies and actions taken against suspicious accounts to users?

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Hello @strongteam
Another observation today from Android.

While trying, I have noticed some kind of glitch that will take you back to the start a fresh page. Don’t know if you noticed

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Yes, we are aware of the Notcoin trend. Our plans are just as ambitious. We aim to become the top meme/community coin on the Tron blockchain and have every chance to do so. Our main resource right now is our awesome team dedicated to project development. As for other resources, we are open to all proposals. Thank you for your question.

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All the best to you.
I got suggestion. On the EARN MENU.

Possible to add daily bonus for user who would login daily or consecutive time to play?


Hello! Thank you for the report. We are currently actively addressing the issues on Android.

Thank you for the suggestion, but we already have such a system implemented. We distribute bonus coins for daily logins. In the interface, it’s displayed in a popup when a user enters the game for the first time each day.

Great question, thank you! We will label suspicious accounts directly within the game. A user will be able to see such a label on their account, and if they feel they have been unfairly accused, they can contact us via support, and we will examine the specific case in more detail.

Hello! Thank you for the question. First off, we plan to conduct an IDO. In the game, users will be able to exchange soft coins for our token at a certain ratio, starting from a specific amount of coins.

We are interested in all projects on Tron. At the moment, we are already sending messages to participants of this hackathon. The main advantage of Strongcoin for such projects is its web3-native audience and non-intrusive way of displaying advertisements.

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:bell: Announcement:

Hello everyone! As you know, Strongcoin has some on-chain features, such as buying boosts and skins.
To allow you to test these features, we will explain how to get test TRX on the Nile Testnet.

  1. To begin with, visit the Nileex website: TRON | NILE TESTNET

  2. Enter your wallet address.

  3. Click the «Obtain» button.

You will receive 2000 test TRX and will be able to test purchases in the game.

Be #sTRONg!

Still can’t try this because of the connect wallet issue. I don’t know if your team have started fixing it