Sustainable Growth Hacks

:man_technologist::globe_with_meridians: Which “growth hacks” work best to entice developers to work on a web3 project?

Engage and express your opinions ✇️

A. Hackathons
B. Grants
C. Bug bounties
D. Workshop

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For me I think it Hackathons


Clearly, hackathons can really not be faded as a Web3 project growth tactic.


mmmmm I will go for bug bounties although Hackathons are really helping but I think with bug bounties, mostly participants or award winners really solve problems. We do not see many Hackathon winners after winning but I know for you to win a prize in bug bounties you need to identify a bug in a certain project. This is just my one cent lol


I think hackathons is the best as this will give developers unlimited opportunities to bring a proposed idea into a finish product and help expand an ecosystem. But the problem we are facing is the bad actors who only participate for the sake of the prize involved order than enhancing the beauty of web3


Good question that will let us express how we understand this post.

First of all, each of those have their special function and their target needs of developers
But in summary, all of them all gear to engage developers to show their skill


Workshop, offer a better environment get to engage with or developers personally :grinning:.


I think I will go for Grant because the participants always go home with confidence after a successful one while because the the team/host/sponsor of the Grant’s will help them with more exposure and marketing
E:g I saw that in harmony(ONE) ecosystem , harmony team came out with their full chest in supporting these projects including marketing,… but unfortunately the hackers are very heartless… It’s a pity the devs have no option than to run Helter skelter


Good, here is my opinion on this. I will have to touch each of them on their good side of the growth hack.

In our today’s time, to attract good developers to your web3 project requires mix of incentives, community building, and technical checks

For each of the following
A. Hackathons like Tron help in intense creativity and collaboration of Devs.

B. Grants: would give direct financial support to developers’ with the resources they need to dedicate time and effort to your project, especially if it’s in the early stages.

C. Bug Bounties:- I usually feel it is mainly for improved security where developers to identify and fix vulnerabilities. Mainly Attract security-focused developers.

D. Workshops: provide developers with valuable knowledge and skills relevant to your project’s technology stack, fostering a more informed and engaged community.

The best, to chose from depends on what is needed


Thank you buddy, this is brilliant. Adding to this each of the growth hacks for Devs have their specific target audience, and host environment that attract good developers.

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That’s one part that really can’t be overlooked

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True, you have suggestions that can keep winners caught up in the web even after winning rather than exiting the fold after prize collection?

I clearly get your point, grants are really important as a way to grow active participation in Web3 project.

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where is the fifth option? Vc Investments or seed funding!

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That was really insightful, I felt delighted reading your input knowing all criteria are relevant.


Added to the ones listed above in the original post, which one do you feel drives engagement and adoption more?

i will go with hackathons and bug bounties

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Don’t be a Smart trader here Mr man :joy:, how can you vote 3 parties at the same time, please vote for bola Ahmed or obidient or others…

Lols, maybe I inserted NOT A VOTE ADVISER.

I didn’t really point any for the growth hack to be the best,. Each of the listed growth hack have their targets audience and purpose.

Hackathons different from grant and. Different from workshops and etc.

Lols, I should be Obident


To the best of my knowledge I go with hackathon because it attract talent and innovation,it also generate excitement and competition, hackathon potentially attracting skilled developers with fresh ideas.above all Creates a collaborative environment for developers to connect,&fostering long-term relationships.

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