Any Examples of NFTs being used in the physical world?

I’m interested in exploring the uses of NFT in the physical world. I understand the digital paraphernalia may be valuable to some but to most people its the items/experiences in the physical world that they pay for. Are there any successful examples where purchasing an NFT digitally gives them something in the physical world?


You should have a look at last seasons winner VersacBrickSquad, there you own a share in an apartment building when buying one of their NFTs


Yea some NFT are used to show membership

Yes I was also going to say VersacBrickSquad by TuruGlobal but Stian beat me to it.


Check VersacBrickSquad NFTs, they are pegged to a real world value, not just digital space :wink:


check out PROS NFT | M-NFT A New Meaning To (MODIFY)

Take a look at Primo DAO… Holding NFT gets you access to irl utilities

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Would be the best reccomendation on tron projects by turu global they have loads of modules to earn passively…

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