TRON Grand Hackathon $5K prizes for the community

Hey Tronics, TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 is flooded with hackathon participants but looks like a lot of the community members still do not know about the bonus prizes that will also be given out to regular community members. Therefore, let’s revisit the hackathon prizing structure and see if we can find some potential winners within the TRON community!

According to the Hackathon 2022 S2 rules:

Bonus: Community Contributor Prize $5,000 - Determined by the TRON DAO team based on an individual’s valuable contributions during the hackathon. Awarded to individuals who did not win another prize. The individual does not need to be a hackathon project participant. Up to 10 individuals may split this prize pool with a minimum of $500 per person.

First of all, you don’t need to be a coder. All you need to do is be active in the forum, especially in the TRON Hackathon - TRON DAO Forum category and in this post. So, be active and check out all the current S2 hackathon projects that have already been posted to the forum. We have over 1300+ participants so far and a lot of them have yet to post their projects on the forum. Go through the hackathon projects for S2 and fire them with some challenging questions so you know what their hackathon projects are about. You may also help out by answering any questions any community members may have here. If you encountered any spam/scam posts, you may also flag them for the admin’s attention. All these actions will help you towards getting the $500 bonus community contributor prize!

Now, let’s get some topics going!

Q. What kind of projects would you like to see on TRON?

Q. Have you encountered any interesting hackathon projects so far? If so, please list them and let us know your reasons.

Q. What’s your opinion on a completely Ethereum-cloned project on TRON that is done by a different team than the original author?

Q. What’s your opinion on a partially Ehereum-cloned project on TRON that is done by a different team than the original author, but with vast improvements and modifications?

Q. Do you prefer Hackathon S1 format or Hackathon S2 format? Which one will be better for the community?

Q. We should have about 30 eligible projects to be voted on per track for this season. In S1, community members can vote up to 3 favorite projects per track, how many votes per track do you think we should have this time? • Just 1 vote per track, • 3 votes per track like last time, or • 5 votes per track. Please state your reason too.

Q. What improvements can we make for TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 which is set for mid-September?
(Please suggest all ideas you have. We don’t mind if your post is too long as the TRON DAO team will really read all posts on this thread!)

Q. How do you feel about vote buying? How do we draw the lines between promoting a project and asking for vote support, giving incentives to possibly win a prize by voting, and giving tokens/gifts outright to voters?


Oh awesome idea!
Really looking forward to what is about to come with season 2 :rocket::rocket::rocket:



Always willing to learn !!! #GrandHackathon2022


Everything that’s based on Blockchain really, from games, DeFi, Stakings, multi network interoperability…


Q1. Projects that continually develop and push the boundaries of what’s capable on the Tron Blockchain.

Q2. Example 1:


TRON is my choice in Crypto Space, focus is DeFi, P2E, NFT utility.
Projects like JUST.MONEY, TronNinjas, Turu Global. Projects focus in community, build and constant delivery to tron ecosystem.


  1. We need an Auto-Compounder that will retake APY rewards daily so that the APY can be higher.
  2. Out of the new projects I’m looking forward to Kattana to bring their trading charts to DEXs on Tron.

@TronLive Really looking forward to seeing some in depth and immersive Gamefi developments this round to show off what the Tron blockchain is capable of doing :pray:


i find that in the tron ​​network many projects are doing well. I am very happy.the project that. I mainly follow are Defi, Nft music nft and Lionx team very prepared and that with education offers many things :lion::muscle:.


LionX is bringing the heat with the NFT Music platform. A ton of potential to bring something unique to the space and build on the Music NFTs that we launched on kraftly back on April 25th. Stay tuned folks!


Thats a great idea to indulge the #TRON community​:handshake::handshake:
Tron is always stronger with stronger community.:+1:


Great initiative in order to attract more people to the forum. The crypto world should be people-oriented so it’s needed to encourage them to participate and vote in actions like this. Good luck to all the projects.


Awesome stuff from the team!


Glad to see what projects like TronNinja, JustMoney, JustRug and other great Projects on Tron blockchain are building. This will in a long way, bring more development and exposure to the potentials of the Tron blockchain


Really excited to see what all can be added to the TRON and BTTC ecosystem. Personally looking forward to some great DeFi projects

  1. I would like to see more projects focusing on giving their customers low fees smart contracts interaction. TRON gives business owners the possibility to subsidize certain % of the energy costs, this is a must in my opinion if we want to see higher engagement of users in the network. (specially the lower income ones)

  2. I’d like to highlight 2 projects I’d keep a closer eye during this Hackathon: JustMoney & Linknred, both addressed real life use cases and would love to see both projects succeed.


I want to see more items about gamefi on TRON


I have noticed the project of dcloud. I want to know how to ensure the security of file cloud storage


I love the fact you made here.

If a project has a lot of users but no money, it’s ridiculous. It’s a 100% guarantee that all users are purchased bots.

This could be deceiving at times.

Best to have the project and it’s activities organic growth with its community


@cctechmx can answer this