Tronsave - Energy service solution and comprehensive tool on TRON

This project has been so educative and interesting but there are important questions

(1) By what means does Tronsave comply with TRON regulations.

(2) In what way does Tronsave toolkit make it easier for users to use TRON dapps.

(3) Explain the opportunities for Tronsave to grow in the future.And how it addresses the challenges of using Tron Energy.

(4) In what manner do Tronsave help users on transaction fees.

Nice UI, I’d give it an 8 seeing it’s in beta version and still developing. The green color strikes me as green energy at first instance, issit related to climate change of some sort? If yes, Greta Thunberg would be so proud lol.
Was also expecting the dapp to be right handed rather than left handed, and I also feel the default slippage should be set at 0.5, just my 2 cents.

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Very good, please just a little more request,
Could the be a short video that will show how to use this bulk sending .

Very good development,. I suggest this can be use in company for monthly payments to it works where with one bulk TRANSACTION everyone’s address get paid.

Trust this is making sense?

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Thank you Gordian, we will consider the monthly payment for company

There is an instruction video for SaveSender on our post SAVESENDER INSTRUCTION VIDEO

After much reading have come to conclusion that Tronsave is a project that aims to bring a web2-like experience and meet all tool demands on TRON. It does this by providing a comprehensive set of tools for TRON users, including an energy market, an integration solution for Dapps, and a toolkit for users.

The energy market allows users to buy and sell energy, which is used to pay for transaction fees on the TRON network.
This can help users save money on transaction fees, and it can also help to improve the liquidity of the TRON energy market.

The integration solution for Dapps allows developers to easily integrate Tronsave into their dapps.
This can help dapp developers to reduce the amount of energy that their dapps consume, and it can also help to improve the user experience of their dapps.

The toolkit for users provides a variety of tools that can help users to save money on transaction fees and to improve their overall experience on the TRON network.
These tools include a swap tool, a send tool, and a referral program.

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Your team is really doing their best to deliver something great.

I am quite intrigued with your SaveSender and SaveSwap.
As an avid user of the @JustMoney platform, will it be possible for them to integrate your SaveSwap into their system for cheap swappings.

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We will take a look about that. If can we will add soon <3
Now SaveSwap have 2 router version (Smart Router and V3)
Let try it bro!!!

Take a look at our latest detailed post about SaveSwap! This feature will bring you an outstanding experience with Defi on Tron Network!

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Now you can check the available amount of Energy in various price ranges. That helps users to decide order prices conveniently based on their specific demand.


nice, thanks for the update
Keep building

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New contracts added (ResourceQuery & MultiSender)


The team is really building and you guys keep updating the community. Thats a step in the right direction.

Keep it up and i have a feeling this project is here for the long term.


Thank you Nana! Appreciate your comment. We would love to receive your feedback to improve our products. Let’s build together!

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Now you can extend your order duration on Tronsave. If you are a long-term buyer, this feature allows you to avoid re-ordering the order when it ends.

:point_right:Check out our tutorial video

The project seems cool, are there any updates about phase 3?

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Hi, About toolkit we are release 2 product is SaveSwap and SaveSender. You can try it.

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Hey there cool project! I was wondering what are your some strategies for marketing? if it’s not a secret ofc haha

We’re planning for an airdrop. We would love to hear more suggestions from the TRON community!

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Airdrop with your own token or existing one?

Men mount, AIRDROP is AIRDROP, lols.
The suspense is Dropping soon