HackaTRON S3 community topics - $5K in prizes!

Congrats Onscolo, it was well deserved

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My director one. Your activeness on this forum is way out of this world. Indeed u r the pillar that holds most of us here. The lion of Juda.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you bro :pray:t2:Congrats too :raised_hands:t2:
Keep it up

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Congratulations to you bro , keep it up :handshake::muscle:

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Hola, felicidades ha sido muy interesante intercambiar opiniones contigo, el próximo hackaton empezaremos con fuerza.

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Well, then the same shall be continued until & during season 4 :slight_smile:

I can drop few more things to debate on :wink:, but it’s party time for all.

Keep partying.


Most projects will be in for a good ride. More questions, more suggestions and more recommendations.

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Hahaha party hard, no joke for here. :rofl::rofl::confetti_ball::tada:

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Sí, como debe ser, engrandeciendo el evento.

Congratulations to all the forum contributors.

@antonio, @constantinpricope201, @Deba215, @Fabsltsa, @Hirangi, @Nana66419, @Prince-Onscolo, @Simon, @strxfinance

Shall we create a Forum DAO with these members to contribute more towards the development of engagement in the forum?

Just a lite question here. Not much thought has been put in as of now.

But can discuss more about it to conclude and make this a great place for developers.


Yeah. Do we have dates for season 4? Too early to ask though.

Felicidades, y sigue pensando


Hahaha no dates yet, but i think they will give a break for maybe a month or two.

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It will be super. Can’t wait for season 4.

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Pero podemos prepararnos desde mañana para la siguiente temporada, comentando

Yh, will definitely take the time to congratulate all the winners of the community vote.

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Is this supposed to be an observation or an attack on the person?
I guess you ain’t one of the admins in this forum and you are meant to only suggest things and not sound as if you are making the decisions, and the way you even sound seems you are attacking the person


This you attitude and manner of trying seek out faults in others is too bad, you are more like trying to snitch on people which I am very sorry for you…
Are you trying to play the good guy?
Your attacks on people seems harassing and embarrassing, from most of your comments have been reading you are so rude, unconstructive and impolite with people…
There are constructive ways of making observations and not seeming like an attack on the person, your observations should be for improvements, it should be positive and polite… I think the @admin.hackathon should look into how people should treat others on this forum or a manner of commenting, you as a normal user like others shouldn’t be sounding like a judge or snitch or others like you… you shouldn’t make participants feel unsafe or attacked by you… it’s so bad


Thank you for your feedback on my comments.

The comments in this post were meant to present facts on the question that was asked here and not attack any project.

After presenting the facts based on mere observation, no wrong commenting has been made for any single project.

If this isn’t constructive for you, I’ll take that as a feedback and would present it in a better way.

Researching on projects submitted and helping the community see something that is not known shall not be construed as an attack on individual, rather the comment of yours is in the form of threatening an individual to not present any facts.

The project in the comment that you have tagged, similar facts for same project was also presented by other members of the forum.

The reason you choose to only tag me, is an attack on an individual.

Also, the same project was moved down two positions by the admins and not me. This implies it required some scrutiny and that is possible only if the community helps.

I’ll continue to contribute in my capacity by incorporating all the feedbacks, requesting you to not assault publicly on forum.

All the best for THS-4.

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The fact is from the response of the said person, I felt what the person felt, it kind felt the person was feeling harassed the way you presented things…
I have read some other comments but yours stood out though.
I am only pointing out for you to do better or be more polite and considerate in criticism, it’s best to put yourself in the person’s position how you do felt if someone did same to you. By that you do know how you speak to others.
This is not an attack on you on anyway, it’s just highlighting my observations how someone may likely feel from your comments.
We are brothers mate and I got nothing against you man.
Let love lead bro❤️