Best & Live Projects - Season 3

All the best to the team! :raised_hands:


All the best guys! Keep building :raised_hands:

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When I say we it means my s-corp company that produced, scales, owns and operates CCG Dapp. DEX Exchange Inc is an sec registered s-corp based out the United States. DEX Exchange Inc is a private company entity with team. I am the core developer and ceo of this s-corp.

Thank you for your question statement to be able to give you a competent and accurate response of who we are as an entity. I produced CCG solo on my own time and accord for this project product.


Thanks for the clarification it helped.

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I suggert T-boost. Interesting tool in this critical market time

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Hello guys!

I know a lot of the projects have not qualified for the voting process.

I’m glad that the 6 projects that I mentioned here have all qualified. Like I said, my aim was to encourage new developers to get the opportunity to be seen.

The projects, according to me, are quite innovative and backed by hardwork. If you haven’t already checked those out, please do.

Attaching the links here:

  1. StackChain by Team Chain - A one-stop solution platform, for Web 3.0 developers, to ask their development-related doubts

Loved the concept! Loved the implementation! UI is intuitive and does not require much effort to navigate. With so many blockchains coming up, we need more communities that help the developers! This seems like one such community that has the potential to grow and empower each other by sharing development-related tips, tricks, ideas, and solutions.

  1. Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers - Let your nominee get what they deserve 1

Loved how they solved the problem of transferring crypto assets if the owner dies! They have really won my trust with their explanation of the smart contract - the smart contract doesn’t own any assets at any point in time. So a simple solution to a simple problem. The UI is also easy to use.

  1. Stakescriptions - let the interest of the staked money pay for your subscriptions

A fresh concept to utilize your crypto funds more effectively. I have personally found some DeFi projects unnecessarily complicated. The beauty of this project is the simplicity of its idea. If implemented to the end, this project can onboard a lot of users!

  1. Classic Chords by team Chordians - Unleash The Artist In You & Make Your Own Web3 Music - #56 by rahulrajan 1

I found this project fascinating! I think there is much more to the project than the MVP itself. If the team digs deeper, they would be able to find more utilities, especially for the music industry. But what stands out for me is the effort that the team has put in! Making interactive features can be difficult but the team has done a good job at it! I also see regular updates from the creators of the project - so I see an energetic and ambitious team behind it.

  1. PoO by Team TRONketeers - Claim the ownership of your prized possessions - your NFTs!

This of course is my personal favorite! It is time to weed out people who are using JPEGs of NFTs that they don’t own. So, Proof of Ownership would be a great way to differentiate between owners and fake owners. With time this has the potential to go to the market and establish itself as the protocol that verifies NFT ownership. At one point in the future, we would all be asking for these certificates before letting people use JPEGs.

  1. STRX.FINANCE by Team STRX - Introducing liquid staking to the TRON Ecosystem 2

I’m intrigued by the idea of Liquidity staking and I’m also impressed by the in-depth presentation that they have provided. The team seems to have a good idea of what they want to establish.

Keep building, keep voting and keep supporting the hardworking developers! Let’s go!


The mentioned projects are really cool. Thanks for supporting us.


T-Boost is a yield generating dApp for TRX lovers. Technically is not a staking app, since you can only stake TRX using the vote feature on Tronscan, but you can deposit TRX and get juicy rewards (16%+).

Contracts are open source and made following industry best practices. We audited the main USTX contracts (token + DEX). All info on our github page or on the dApp page (USTX T-BOOST).

STRX.FINANCE by Team STRX - Introducing liquid staking to the TRON Ecosystem ! I loved this concept. Rooting for this one!

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How do I participate in TronDance? do I need a special camera?

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Here’s an example in an Ideal world we verified Sam Bankman :office_worker:t3: :chart_with_downwards_trend: as a legit participant in the Hackathon verified on ‘Tron Blockchain’

Thank you for supporting our project. Wish you all best for your awesome projects. Please, consider having look at this project. It’s addressing a real-world problem of evaluating the integrity of Academic Certificates and it’s deployed already. If you find it useful, please consider voting for it.

Tronify is the best !!!

Thanks for sharing this