Best & Live Projects - Season 3

Oh, I think I haven’t been clear enough. What’s unique on the portfolio tracker is that it’s synced directly on-chain.
Which means you don’t have to manually setup transactions.
You just have to add as many wallets as you want and we’re keeping track of them.
For other unique features, I’ll let you go through the platform: key innovation is bringing Web3 to Crypto aggregators. Buying assets in-app, owning the app you use, etc.

@H_P please use your laptop, the website is presently not intended for mobile devices.

We started the project quite recently however we’re adding tons of feature which will make it even more immersive.

I am constantly working on my project day and night, 0.1.2 will be here soon, with 8 ball!
Currently you can play chess on our protocol @

Check it out!


good job wish you all the best

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Thank you! Appreciate @Hamasaki :heart:

I like Fractron - democratizing access to expensive nfts and InterPool - The only Sport Prediction Game where everyone wins! - FIFA World Cup 2022 the most! :slight_smile:

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Great work dude.

Keep grinding and all the best.

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We have put a lot of work in to bring this to a real world use case ability.

We are here to build and scale Crypto Cannabis Grow ledgering Dapp longterm over the years. Grant funding would greatly help us scale and get into licensed medical and recreational cannabis industry business conventions with booths to further market crypto cannabis and get top industry eyes on the Tron DAO Blockchain.

@H_P Thank you for starting this discussion!

@fabsltsa Thank you for a healthy discussion around the projects. It throws light on some of the great projects.

Also waiting for @Nana66419 comments on this discussion. I think he has genuinely gone and understood each project by asking questions to the teams and starting a discourse for all projects.

I personally would love to see some new faces win the hackathon! It gives an incentive to them to keep building and also encourages new people to join the community. Having said that, of course, the project ideas and MVPs should be worth the prizes.

For me, some projects seemed way too complete! Good for them if they actually built it during the hackathon period. If not, it is straight-up unfair to the other members.

Here are my top picks (based on my interaction with their live projects):

  1. StackChain by Team Chain - A one-stop solution platform, for Web 3.0 developers, to ask their development-related doubts!

Loved the concept! Loved the implementation! UI is intuitive and does not require much effort to navigate. With so many blockchains coming up, we need more communities that help the developers! This seems like one such community that has the potential to grow and empower each other by sharing development-related tips, tricks, ideas, and solutions.

  1. Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers - Let your nominee get what they deserve

Loved how they solved the problem of transferring crypto assets if the owner dies! They have really won my trust with their explanation of the smart contract - the smart contract doesn’t own any assets at any point in time. So a simple solution to a simple problem. The UI is also easy to use.

  1. Stakescriptions - let the interest of the staked money pay for your subscriptions

A fresh concept to utilize your crypto funds more effectively. I have personally found some DeFi projects unnecessarily complicated. The beauty of this project is the simplicity of its idea. If implemented to the end, this project can onboard a lot of users!

  1. Classic Chords by team Chordians - Unleash The Artist In You & Make Your Own Web3 Music - #56 by rahulrajan

I found this project fascinating! I think there is much more to the project than the MVP itself. If the team digs deeper, they would be able to find more utilities, especially for the music industry. But what stands out for me is the effort that the team has put in! Making interactive features can be difficult but the team has done a good job at it! I also see regular updates from the creators of the project - so I see an energetic and ambitious team behind it.

  1. PoO by Team TRONketeers - Claim the ownership of your prized possessions - your NFTs!

This of course is my personal favorite! It is time to weed out people who are using JPEGs of NFTs that they don’t own. So, Proof of Ownership would be a great way to differentiate between owners and fake owners. With time this has the potential to go to the market and establish itself as the protocol that verifies NFT ownership. At one point in the future, we would all be asking for these certificates before letting people use JPEGs.

  1. STRX.FINANCE by Team STRX - Introducing liquid staking to the TRON Ecosystem

I’m intrigued by the idea of Liquidity staking and I’m also impressed by the in-depth presentation that they have provided. The team seems to have a good idea of what they want to establish.

We all know the popular/most talked about projects here. My aim with this post was to bring to light new and fresh ideas that deserve more attention!


I’m thinking that the organisation might even start to review projects presentations before they post it on the forum, verify that the contracts have been deployed during the hackathon and that it’s not just brought over from an other chain or, at least notify it clearly in the presentation.

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So where is TRON DAO member most active?

Is it just Discord?

Or do they use commonwealth site?

I never open discord :grimacing: I’m too much used to Telegram and since recently you can open topics in telegram groups.

I think if you want to reach trondao team, the easy way is to tag them or dm on the forum.

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We appreciate your noticing us and the Liquid Staking concept that the Tron Blockchain lacks !

I think T boost is an interesting tool, especially in this market period. Maximize the return on TRX deposits, a great opportunity.

We appreciate that you liked our project and recognized our efforts. We are working hard to bring the music NFT to market. It will provide local Artists with a platform to showcase their talent as well as expands the horizon for every artist by getting support from the community by purchasing their NFTs. As you mentioned there are some features that can not be completed during the hackathon period and are not in MVP, we will surely bring that and create ClassicChords smooth enough for every music lover.

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That’s good to hear.

Keep going with the project.
Power to you.

T Boost allows staking?

Are the contracts audited?

A staking contracts created during Hackathon must go through security checks before deploying on mainnet.

Hi, when you say “we” i am sure there are more members in your team.

You must update it on our project post and keep it fair for every member to evaluate while community voting.